Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

Tamara Hill-Norton made sweating cool in 1998 with the launch of Sweaty Betty; with her women’s active-wear brand ensuring women are stylish from studio and squat-rack to the street. Today she travels the world to create her collections which inspire women and find empowerment through fitness and her latest campaign is ‘Women Rule’ – to “celebrate the strong and powerful women worldwide”.

The campaign comes with a collection of limited edition t-shirts where £10 from each sale will be donated to ‘Ditch the Label’ and ‘Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’. ‘Ditch the Label’ are an anti-bullying charity, dedicated to promoting equality that provides support to young people who have been negatively affected by bullying and prejudice with their support spanning the UK, USA and Mexico and to date has helped over four million young people. ‘Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’ are a non-profit organisation that reaches and connects people in recovery from addiction to movement; empowering and encouraging a healthier new identity.


Be proud to be female
Find strength in sisterhood
Respect your body and the planet
Live actively

As well as working with these significant charities, Tamara and her team are living by a new 2019 manifesto – and inviting you to join too.

So this year, support your bodies in Sweaty Betty (quite literally in bum-sculpting leggings!) as well as strong women worldwide.

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