Love your dog, by Love My Human

Love your dog, by Love My Human

The internationally acclaimed dog show, Crufts takes place from 9-12 March. With our four-legged friends very much in the spotlight this month, we asked the expert duo, Laura and Lauren, from Love My Human for their top tips on making sure your dog wins ‘best in show’.

Coat maintenance

  • If your dog wears a harness, a coat or a wide collar and they have a fluffy coat, always brush and comb them thoroughly after you take it off. If your dog matts easily, we suggest a rolled, or very smooth, leather collar, or harness.
  • If your dog has a full, curly or thick coat, ensure that you come in for regular grooming to prevent matting. We suggest you visit us every 3-4 weeks for a wash and tidy (and ‘fluff!), and every 6-8 weeks for a haircut, depending on the desired length and how easy you find it to manage.
  • Keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy by bathing your dog on a regular basis (once every two weeks or whenever your dogs are dirty following a wet, muddy walk) using a high quality shampoo such as Pawdinary, or gentle everyday shampoos by For All Dog Kind. All dog shampoos can be diluted down – one cap to a litre of water – and sponged on to the coat then rinsed. If you notice any tangles, we recommend using detangling spray such as the Miracle Elixir by Lakhi Thindal, a ICMG Master Groomer, follow this through with a slicker brush and fine metal comb.

Dogs With Short Coats

  • It is a misconception that dogs with short coats to not need as much attention on their coats. Short fur dogs tend to shed and it is healthy to help them with this, allowing fresh air to reach the dog’s skin. Use a rubber stubbled brush and run this along its coat to strip out all the dead fur, then give them a lovely warm bath with a gentle shampoo (to not strip the dog of natural oils), and a blow dry, to blow out all the remaining dead fur.

Dental Hygiene 

  • Brush your dogs teeth regularly to prevent a build-up of plaque and tartar, and to avoid smelly breath! We recommend Dorwest Roast Dinner Tooth Paste and our Bamboo Eco Toothbrush. If you notice your dog has plaque building up, we suggest booking them in for an ultrasonic teeth cleaning sessions with us, or any reputable grooming salon who offers this service (this can be booked separately from a groom). Make sure you note, ultrasonic teeth cleaning is very effective on young healthy dogs teeth without any cracks on the enamel but if your dog has old, decaying teeth, it is best to seek vets’ advice.

Tear Staining

  • If your dog is prone to tear staining, be sure to wipe their eyes clean on a daily basis by using a damp cotton pad, and gently using a flea comb to remove any stubborn dirt. There are products such as For All Dog Kind Tear Stain Removers that help life stains if used regularly.

Not just experts in wellness for our four-legged friends, Love My Human Townhouse also offers a doggy-deli, puppy training, a café, day care and more.

And, if you’re local, many of our shops and restaurants are dog-friendly. Discover the map of where your dogs are welcome here.

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