IWD 2021: Cefinn

IWD 2021: Cefinn

Samantha Cameron founded Cefinn in 2017, the named coined from the initials of her children. She creates timelessly elegant, feminine clothing for the urban woman and today fills the wardrobes of busy women with a capsule wardrobe that is smart, modern and fashionable.

We want to celebrate International Women’s Day, shining a spotlight on the women behind the brands on the King’s Road. Here, Samantha Cameron shares an insight into her proudest moments and her views on change.

What achievements are you most proud of as a woman?

Starting my own business has definitely been one of the toughest – we have such a lovely team now at Cefinn, everyone works so hard! When I look back over all the hurdles we have overcome together in the last four years, it does make me very proud.

What change do you seek through your designs and creations?

I want to design clothes that make women feel confident and empowered – chic, hard-working fashion that is effortless to wear and looks as good at the end of the day, as at the start. 

What the most inspiring changes you have seen on the King’s Road?

The King’s Road is such an amazing destination for inspiration, whether shopping, eating or visiting a gallery – the Saatchi Gallery comes high on my list. And of course, the Cefinn pop-up store, which I can’t wait to reopen. 

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