Ask Me: Castore

Ask Me: Castore

Joining our #AskMe campaign on Instagram, Castore were next up to answer your questions. From collaborations and masterclasses, here’s all you need to know on the sportswear brand.

Are there any new collaborations coming this year? 

Yes we do, make sure you are following @castoresportswear on Instagram for all the latest releases.

Do you host events or masterclasses with those you collaborate with?

Not at the moment, however this is something we will look to do in the future. Watch this space!

If I could only buy one piece from the women’s collection, what should it be?

We have some amazing womenswear collections dropping in AW21 – we can’t share details but we are sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

What running gear do you recommend for men? 

The Better Never Stops collection is the best on the market and it’s lightweight construct aids in performance.

What times do you close? 

Monday – Saturday 6.30pm and Sundays 5.30pm.

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