Ask Me: 2850

Ask Me: 2850

Next in our #AskMe campaign, we shared your questions with 28-50. Head Sommelier, Simone tell us all you need to know about wines to drink this summer. 

But first, a little about Simone – Simone, the Head Sommelier has a rich London-based hospitality background, working for the likes of Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-awarded Aubergine, Club Gascon and Sexy Fish, Mayfair. His knowledge of London hospitality can’t be faulted – which is backed up by his deep passion for wine which he strives always to share with the guests at 28-50. As well as being a wine sommelier, Simone is a cigar sommelier and revels in the decadence that the world has to offer. When he is not playing piano or writing songs, you’ll find him at 28-50, providing bespoke wine tastings and imparting his knowledge unto curious guests.

What wine is best paired with seafood? 

Light and flaky cuts of fish pair well with a light and zippy white unoaked wine like Sauvignon Blanc. Fish with a heavier texture, like tuna or salmon, pair well which a rich wine like oaked Chardonnay, or even a light red wine like Pinot Noir. The best guideline to follow is to match the intensity of the flavours in the food with the wine’s weight and personality. 

Can you still drink red wine in the summer? 

Of course you can! Light-bodied red wines are the ideal red wines for the summer because they can be slightly chilled. Slightly chilling red wine allows the flavours to become the focus instead of the alcohol. It also tightens up the structure of the wine and makes it more refreshing. And, although full-bodied red wines are still recommended to keep warm at room temperature, they are still drinkable during the summer. 

Can you recommend a good organic Red that is not too heavy?

Sicilians Etna wines made out of Nerello Mascalese are among my favourite. On our list you’ll find the Etna Red’A Rina by Girolamo Russo, which is one of those wines absolutely to try and learn. Girolamo Russo obtained the organic certification a few years ago and pays the utmost attention to detail. For Girolamo Russo, who graduated in piano, wine is a symphony, a melody, a set of notes that must be in harmony with each other. The vines grow on the north slopes of Etna, on volcanic and sandy soil, rich with minerals, ranging from 50-100 years old that gives the wine an incredible minerality and perfume. The vineyards are located at an altitude between 650-800 metres above sea level and this has a cooling effect that contributes to the building of a nice aromatic concentration. This Etna Rosso has a good complexity, with a soft tannic finish that helps create a wine of great persistence. 

A refreshing rose always hits the summer spot. Can you recommend a rose on your menu? 

Coteaux d”AIX en Provenance. Super fresh, great minerality. 

What’s a good wine to have with cheese? 

Buffalo Mozarella and Champagne is my favourite breakfast combination – a little bit out there but for me, it’s the perfect pairing. 


And at 2850, Sunday’s are a reason to celebrate. Why not treat yourself to their Champagne and Oyster Sunday menu?

Each Sunday, enjoy unlimited champagne and oysters from 12pm at just £65 per person. Serving Ayala Champagne, with its aromas of white flowers and waves of bubbles, paired with Maldon rock oysters with fresh lemons and the traditional finely diced shallots in red wine vinegar accompaniment, this is a wonderful way to complete your week.

Find out more and book here.

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