Hagen Kaffe Klub

Hagen Kaffe Klub

The charming Espresso Bar, Hagen on the King’s Road is thrilled to introduce The Hagen Kaffe Klub, an exclusive membership brimming with community spirit.

Earning membership to the Hagen Kaffe Klub isn’t about purchasing your way in; it’s about embodying goodwill and kindness. Joining is as simple as signing up and participating in one of the many Kaffe Klub Events including supporting local schools or perhaps lending a hand in cleaning, gardening, painting and more. Together, the Kaffe Klub members transform tasks that typically carry hefty price tags into acts of communal care.

In return, members will receive special rewards, with the most recent being a limited-edition Hagen Kaffe Klub Cup. With this cup in hand, members can get free coffee for an entire month. And the cherry on top: the person next in line is gifted one too, fostering a chain of generosity.

151 King’s Road, London SW3 5TX | Sign up here

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