KXU Medi-Spa Membership

KXU Medi-Spa Membership

Elevate your self-care routine to new heights with KXU’s exclusive Medi-Spa membership.

Bid farewell to the winter blues with the ultimate spa package, costing just £180 per month. Benefits include three cryotherapy sessions, perfect to freeze away stress, soreness and fatigue, a facial treatment (choosing between a Hydrafacial, an Oxygen facial or something more bespoke) or a rehab session with KXU’s physiotherapist or chiropractor. The pampering doesn’t stop there either, you can also select your favourite from the trio of pressotherapy, for improved circulation and detoxification, LPG for sculpting and firming, or simply a blissful massage.

241 Pavilion Road, London SW1Z 0BP | Find out more and purchase your membership here

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