‘Ode to Autumn’ Collection at Peggy Porschen

‘Ode to Autumn’ Collection at Peggy Porschen

Brightening things up as we say goodbye to Summer, the new ‘Ode to Autumn’ collection at Peggy Porschen is on hand for sweet treats full of colour.

Peggy’s ode to the season is a feast for all the senses with freshly picked blackberries and apples and warming tastes of pumpkin and spice. Pop by Peggy Porschen on the King’s Road for a beautiful lemon, blackberry and thyme cake, perfect for any celebration. Planning a Halloween get together? Impress your guests with the spiced apple and perennial pink pumpkin patch cupcakes.

Be sure to stay alert for more ‘hocus pocus’ Peggy style.

219 King’s Road, London SW3 5EJ | Shop here

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