Eye Health with Dr Harvey Moscot

Eye Health with Dr Harvey Moscot

Screens giving you square eyes? Whether it be working, relaxing in front of the tv and even simple communication, many of us find ourselves rarely taking a break. Eye experts, Moscot have shared their top tips on eye health from CEO and expert, Dr Harvey Moscot.

Smart working for less eye strain

It’s no secret that our day-to-day jobs rack up many hours of screen time.

Harvey: It’s a fact that our eye blinking rate decreases significantly (up to five times less!) whilst working and staring at a computer screen which can lead to dry eyes. Therefore, it’s important to recognize this and take a full blink (actually close your eyes) every 15-20 minutes. Also, the use of non-preserved artificial tear drops (available at most pharmacies) should be considered to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Correct screen placement, distance and posture

An easy fix; ensure your set up is comfortable.

Harvey: Keep your screen slightly below your line of sight for greater eye muscle comfort and ensure your screen distance is at arm’s length to avoid added strain on your focusing system.

Take a break

Something that is always easier said that done?

Harvey: Take regular breaks every 20 minutes and view something in the distance (about 20 feet away) for 20 seconds, e.g. Letters on a poster across a room. AKA the ‘20/20/20 Rule’.


As working from home is now common practice but do you have the correct set-up?

Harvey: Sitting at a table with proper posture and maintaining the advice provided above, coupled with avoiding any glare from window light either in front or behind you is best. And, those that do not have a dedicated prescription and/or pair of glasses for this specific task, this is something to consider… After all you don’t go running in your high heels!

Blue light and screen time

Also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light and how can we avoid? Our top tip? check out Moscot’s stylish range of blue light specs here.

Harvey: Over-exposure to HEV light from computers and other digital devices can lead to symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, and sleep disruption. Make sure to blink slowly while working in front of a screen, completely closing your eyes to lubricate your eye’s surface since our blinking decreases while viewing a screen. Digital Relief lenses filter out blue light and help to eliminate glare which can provide a better experience for anyone viewing a digital screen.

Harvey: Avoiding blue light that may be emitted from your phone or laptop is advised 30-60 minutes prior to sleep. Research has shown that visible blue light can interfere and delay the release of melatonin production in the body which in turn can disrupt sleep patterns.

Nutrition tips

Foods and nutrients that help the health of the eyes.

Harvey: Certain nutrients such as zinc, copper, vitamins C and E, lueting and beta carotene may reduce the risk of age-related eye health decline. Nutrient-rich foods such as leafy green veg, citrus fruit, carrots, nuts and legumes can help prevent such decline. And don’t forget your Fish Oils for healthy eyelid gland secretion! Citrus is specifically rich in Vitamin C which supports healthy ocular blood vessels and is a powerful antioxidant which can help protect against the formation of cataracts! Leafy-green vegetables contain high amounts of carotenoid pigments that help protect the retina – specifically, the most critical part of the retina, known as the macular, from harmful blue light. Food sources rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA such as fish oils help keep the eyes moist and may reduce symptoms of dry eyes).

Taking care of your frames

Already a glass wearer? Here’s how to avoid damage and clean your frames properly.

Harvey: The best method is a drop of dishwashing detergent like ‘Joy’ mixed with water. Another secret method to safely cleaning your lenses is the use of foamy shaving cream. It may not disinfect but will make your lenses shine!

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