Knoops comes to the King’s Road

Knoops comes to the King’s Road

Calling all chocolate lovers! On 17 June, hot chocolate and milkshake experts Knoops will be opening their Chelsea store, bringing their signature chocolate to the King’s Road.

Developed by German founder Jens Knoops, who opened the first store in the historic town of Rye, East Sussex in 2013, Knoops specialise in creating the perfect hot and cold drinking cholate (a process they call Knoopology).

What’s so special about Knoops? Well, all their delicious chocolate drinks start with your personal choice of chocolate flakes, based on their clever percentage menu system. Choose from 28% white to 100% dark (54% and up are all vegan friendly) to create your own personal blend, and then mix with your choice of dairy or plant-based milk to create either a hot chocolate, iced chocolate milk, milkshake or mocha.

Feeling adventurous? You can also add extras, such as a pinch of salt, a zesting of fruit or even chilli.

Head in store for a ‘hug in a mug’ hot chocolate, or refreshing chocolate drink, shaken over ice. You can also enjoy the Knoops experience at home – choose from a selection of artisan chocolate flakes and accessories to enjoy a little Knoopology from your own kitchen wherever you like.

Open on 17 June | Website | 69 King’s Road, London SW3 4NT

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