Guide to: Pancake Toppings

Guide to: Pancake Toppings

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday on 16 February with these flipping delightful ideas from our local pancake pros, My Old Dutch. From sweet to savoury, these will ensure your lockdown stacks look as good as they taste. Instagram shot at the ready…

Top 3: Sweet

  • Butterscotch pancakes with Nutella, banana and strawberries
  • Poffertjes and fruit
  • Butterscotch pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup and cream

Top 3: Savoury

  • My Old Dutch Savoury – 15″ of smoked bacon, chicken, ham, peppers, sweetcorn mushrooms and cheese pancake. The MVP of pancakes.
  • Eggs Florentine – the breakfast classic is the perfect pancake topping, finished off with an egg, sunny side up.
  • Smoked duck pancake with smoked duck breast, mixed sweet pepper, spring onion, mushrooms and hoisin sauce – a special for Chinese New Year, so good they kept it on the menu.

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