My own journey began as a boy of nearly 17 at my uncle Adamou’s store in Chiswick.

As one of the first Continental Grocers it boasted an array of what were then considered to be of the obscure and exotic but now 40 years on are part of our everyday recipes.

In 1994 I opened my first store on Turnham Green Terrace Chiswick. The store quickly became part of the fabric of Chiswick life and in tradition I spent years doing the hard yards finding wonderful ingredients to supply homes and many restaurants.

In 2012 we moved to Chelsea Green where in our humble digs we continued the Tradition of my uncle’s mantra ‘only the best”!

The theme of “only the best will do’ as one of my inspirations Rose Grey would often say has followed us to our extraordinary new store which we opened on May 11th, 2023.

The shop is designed to enhance your shopping experience, giving you the spectacular quality, you deserve, not only with stunning fresh produce in amazing bespoke framed fridges, wonderful groceries, and accoutrements to enhance every meal for the chef at home in a surrounding like no other.

My life is made easier by my magnificent team, Paul our general manager, my daughters Tilly and Tabbi, Munch, our two Michaels, Ana and out part time crew all of whom will be delighted to assist with your culinary desires.

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