World Chocolate Week 2023

World Chocolate Week 2023

Across Chelsea
Tuesday, 17 October 2023 – Monday, 23 October 2023
Free Admission

For the chocoholics amongst us, this really is one of the culinary calendar’s highlights: World Chocolate Week, falling from 17-23 October. Here are the best spots to get your fix along and around the King’s Road.

Artisan du Chocolat

Hand-crafted in the Kent countryside, Artisan Chocolat was born in 1999 with chef Gordon Ramsay is their first customer and in 2002 when their iconic salted caramels were born. Some prefer to scoff these in one, but one customer reportedly explained that to share the indulgence, he breaks the shells in two, lets his daughter polish the caramel before finishing the shells himself. Others have preference for their Chocolate Pearls: white South Sea Pearls filled with the finest dark ganache, golden South Sea Pearls filled with milk ganache, and dark silver Tahiti Pearls encasing a smooth praline. And for a top tip, we recommend that you subscribe for fortnightly, monthly or six-weekly deliveries to save money on your addiction! | 89 Lower Sloane Street, London SW1W 8DA


Artisanal Swiss chocolatiers, Laderach are set to open their doors on the King’s Road any day. With their best seller, FrischSchoggi, described by The Guardian as ‘Toblerone for grown-ups’, we know this is somewhere you’ll love. The team know their cocoa-bean farmers personally, and work together with their families and local organisations to guarantee the most sustainable, premium quality of the Cocoa, the formative ingredient of their product. Choose from over 60 types of chocolate, from pralines and truffles filled with joy and gifts that bring happiness, to Laderach-style snacking for an afternoon boost, this is the home of gourmet good-stuff.

Rococo Chocolates

The award-winning British chocolatier is famed for its utterly moreish Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs but their cocoa-offering is extensive, from hampers for when total indulgence is required, artisanal chocolate bars, full to the brim with creative flavours and combinations, as well as the ultimate dinner party treat, chocolate thins. Their drinking chocolate though, rumour has it, offers a ‘life changing cocoa experience’ , made with Single Origin Colombian Cocoa. The chocolate is mixed, tempered and poured into large brick-like moulds, before hand-shaved to make flakes that can melt into an indulgent mug of molten good stuff. | 321 King’s Road, London, SW3 5EP


Chocolatiers since the 19th Century, when Silviano Venchi spent his life’s savings on two bronze cauldrons and spent days experimenting with chocolate in Turin. Not long after that, Venchi SpA, “the most elegant chocolate stop in Piedmont” was born. With more than 145 years of history and 250 chocolate recipes, the Venchi know chocolate. Some of their best sellers include Chocoviar chocolates coming in a host of flavours (including Creme Brulee and Creme Pistachio), Creminos, three layers of different chocolates creating a perfect square, and Nougatine, composed with a recipe that hasn’t been touched since 1905 – it must be good. And whilst they say chocolate is good for the heart and the soul, for those really looking after their health, they also offer chocolate with 70% less sugar. | 71 King’s Road, London SW3 4NX

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